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NanoTeK.v3 Suite


Theme/Style for KDE 3.2 +

Score 74%
NanoTeK.v3 Suite

NanoTeK.v3 Suite

Downloads:  16416
Submitted:  Jun 11 2008
Updated:  Jun 14 2008


IMPORTANT : The Download is hosted on Deviantart which doesn't know how to handle "tar.gz" files. You have to add the tar prefix to the downloaded file in order to untar it ;)

Installation Notice :

Due to the relative success of this Theme, I feel like I should bring more explanations about the whole installation steps ;)

So let's start with the first BIG point :

This isn't actually a Theme Manager Theme.

I. Installing Necessary Components

This theme use some addons to KDE, like Dekorator or Domino, which you'll need to have installed in order to make the theme work.

- Dekorator : http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=31447
- Domino : http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/Domino?content=42804
- KBFX : http://www.kbfx.org

All three are available in the ubuntu repositories kwin-style-dekorator, kde-style-domino (only in Hardy) and kbfx.

They are also available in portage : domino, dekorator and kbfx

I don't know much about other distributions but the source code is available for domino and Kbfx. Kbfx use Cmake for compilation, as well as KDE4. So just install Cmake and then "cmake . && make && sudo make install"

II. Installing the Theme

- Color Scheme : For the Color Scheme, all you have to do is to go in kcontrol > Appearance & Themes > Colors. Import it there, and apply it :)

- Dekorator : You just have to go in kcontrol > Appearance & Themes > Window Decorations. Then select Dekorator in the combo box. Browse to the theme tabs, and import one or both of the tar archives (Nano-theme.tar.gz, do not untar them, it should be easier to install them this way). Then just select Nano in the list and press the "Set Theme Paths" button. You can then adjust all the different little settings. Personnaly I use :

· Misc Tab :
Title Alignment = center
No Shadows
Checked Use Menu Button image instead of the app icon only

· Colors Tab :
Nothing's checked there. I would have to correct the buttons and maybe the title bar if some of you want to use buttons animations. Well I'll correct this in the next pack coming along with some other goodies ;)

· Buttons Tab :
Nothing either is checked there

! With the 3.1 update it looks way better now if you want to use animations in Dekorator !

- Domino : Run kcontrol > Appearance & Themes > Style and select Domino in the Combo box. Then press "Configure" and go to the last tab, press the "import" button and select the "domino_nanotekv3rc" file. Then select nanotekv3 in the list and press load, then ok, then Apply ;)

- Kicker : Just right-click on the Taskbar > Configure Panel. Then go to the Appearance Tab and set the "Kicker.png" image as a background image.

- Systray Icons : I'll write something about that when I'll release a more complete icon pack. The trick is mainly to find which icon to replace so that they could appear in the kicker. Actually locate do the work well, considering the icons which are used in the kicker are 22X22 size icons.

- KBFX Theme : Just Right click the Kicker and select Add Applet To Panel and Add KBFX there. Now just double click Nano-KBFX.kbfxtheme and it should launch the KBFX Configurator and install it. All you should have to do is to Apply, and maybe change the fonts, so they look right for you, and your personnal User Image. In order to remove the Category Icons, Right-Click the KBFX Applet and press Edit Applications Menu. There you can set the Transparent.png image to any of the categories.

III. Fewer settings :

The fonts used in the screenshot are Trebuchet MS and Trebuchet MS Bold

The icon set is called Crystal Project and can be found there http://www.everaldo.com/crystal/

First Release of the NanoTeK.v3

Contains :

- 2 Dekorator Themes (NanoTeK.v2 restyled and NanoTeK.v3 reworked)
- Kicker
- 4 Systray Icons ( More to come... )
- Dark Color Scheme
- "Modded" Domino + config . PowerPC users should just have to "sudo make install" Yet notice that your original domino installation will be overwritten (config files shouldn't be though). This modification only bring a new look for the progressbar...
- KBFX Theme

The Wallpaper Sets used in the preview were released by the Awsome *Petercui http://petercui.deviantart.com and *Uribaanihttp://www.uribaani.deviantart.com. They are available right there http://petercui.deviantart.com/art/experiment-Wallpapers-57695746 and there http://uribaani.deviantart.com/art/Revours-Wallpaper-pack-86876151

Enjoy, and don't forget to give me some feedback. Systray Icons are by request too...


06/11/08 : First Release

06/13/08 : Brought Installation Instructions

06/14/08 : 3.1 Update Bringing The KBFX Theme and an Updated Version of the Windeco

(NanoTeK Components Download)
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 nice work

 by pvt14 on: Jul 18 2008
Score 50%

I must say I find the domino style, along with the other parts of the theme, exceptional. Thanks for making it!

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 Re: nice work

 by thibaut28 on: Jul 27 2008
Score 50%

Thanx a lot ;)

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 Really nice work!

 by Ezy on: Aug 11 2008
Score 50%

First I must say that I'm very impressed by your work.... its very nice.

About the KBFX-them. The mask seems to be wrong for me. The bottom bar don't show as you have transparency at the bottom of the mask.png. You also use the mask as a border around the whole kbfx menu. That only works if you are using the right colour in the colour settings. This will of curse be solved if I would use your colour-scheme, but even tough I think dark colours are nice, I don't use it in my colour-scheme, as I don't think it is functional (of curse, its a matter of taste). So for me I will get a light border around the kbfx-theme and destroying your beautiful theme. I would suggest you to include the border in the theme images rather than use the mask for it.

Hope I don't step on your toes. You are far better themer than me, as I just use other themes and port them to KDE. I don't even see myself as a themer, just a copier.

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 Re: Really nice work!

 by thibaut28 on: Aug 13 2008
Score 50%


Sorry for the late answer... In fact styles like domino and QTCurve have different ways to behave with KBFX. This KBFX theme works fine using domino, but as you say, the bottom bar is completly cut and the whole theme circled with window background color when using QTCurve. I'm working on another project for KDE, Opale, which uses QTCurve and I'm having hard time to get it right :D

I really appreciate your work too, especially your KBFX and Moodin themes (that one with Magic Layers is awsome ;) ). I've been working on GTK+ themes lately, it's nice too :)

Wish you success in your further creation ;)

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 Really nice but...

 by condor666 on: Sep 18 2008
Score 50%

I really loves it but i've one little problem who is :
How get i back the buttons : close, expand, minimize

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 Re: Really nice but...

 by thibaut28 on: Sep 21 2008
Score 50%

I'm sorry, I don't really understand what is your problem. To set the buttons right, I think you just have to press the "Set Theme Path" button in the Windeco / Dekorator pannel.

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 Re: Re: Really nice but...

 by fwjs28 on: Feb 12 2009
Score 50%

he means that he does't have the close/maximize/lower buttons....i have the same problem.....

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 by SlpCtrl on: Jul 20 2009
Score 50%

For some reason, I follow the instructions down to the T when it comes to your instructions for installing the theme through dekorator...but, it just doesn't work :\. When I select the archive from the theme tab, nothing appears in the list. Don't know why; tis truly sad, this was one of the few very good looking ones (my opinion), and I'd love to have it. I've done everything else but that, and I think it's good enough to just use it alone like that :p.

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 Re: Dekorator

 by thibaut28 on: Aug 31 2009
Score 50%

It should work, if you set the paths manually. Just extract the dekorator archive somewhere, and in the dekorator configuration panel set the paths for deco, mask (check use masks) and buttons ;)

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