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BSM Simple


GTK 2.x Theme/Style

Score 76%
BSM Simple

BSM Simple

BSM Simple

Twitter:  Link
Downloads:  126733
Submitted:  Mar 16 2010
Updated:  May 12 2011


A small, light and smooth theme for GTK based desktops. It use only Clearlooks engine, so may work fine in every system up-to-date.

I have used it with faenza, elementary and awoken icons, so I suggest you to try one of these.

If you have an older version installed, please remove it BEFORE install the new one:
rm -rf ~/.themes/BSM*

Any bug/suggestion, please write a comment. And don\'t forget your vote.

Included in package
- Classic
- Dark
- Dark Panel
- Dark Menu


11.05.2011 - 1.3
- Bugfix for Unity panels. (thanks to parsifail)

17.04.2011 - 1.2
- Completly new XFWM Dark, corrections in toolbar of Dark Menu theme and set Faenza icons as default icon theme.

16.04.2011 - 1.1
- Better metacity theme (a little bit larger). Dark themes' bugfixes (thanks to altavatar) and other minor corrections.

02.02.2011 - 1.0
- Evolution' scrollbars bug fix

02.01.2011 - 0.9
- New panels' spacing, new tab style, minor bug fixes. Perfectly integrated to Firefox 4.

09.01.2010 - 0.8
- Gnome's bug fixes for dark themes.

08.31.2010 - 0.7
- Included a new Menu version. Xfwm's buttons are editable.

08.26.2010 - 0.6
- Included a Beta dark version. Xfwm rebuilded (classic and dark) with less border.

08.20.2010 - 0.5
- Bugs on gnome's pane in dark theme fixed

08.14.2010 - 0.4
- New style with dark panel. Xfwm4 upgraded (closer to metacity now). Some little fix in the panel spacing.

07.07.2010 - 0.3
- Bigger icons in Gnome's menu. New menubars and toolsbars style, inspired in unified GUIs, like Mac OS and KDE Oxygen.

04.25.2010 - 0.2
- Gnome's support added. Fixed color bugs from Gnome-panel. Added a metacity theme.

04.25.2010 - 0.1
- New rounded buttons. Now the windows have a darker background color. New menubar/xfwm, inspired by shiki gtk theme. Some bug's fixes, like the space between the panel's itens.

03.17.2010 - rc1
- Default colors' bug fixed and Gnome theme index rebuilded. One gtk, one xfwm and one metacity theme.

03.16.2010 - beta
- First package. One gtk, one xfwm theme

(Faenza Icons)
(Elementary Icons)
(AwOken Icons)
(Google Chrome Theme)
(Google Chrome Theme Dark)
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 GTK3 Theme based on Adwaita & Clearlooks for GTK 2

 by nekron29 on: Nov 13 2011
Score 63%

Hi There ! Ever considered of porting your theme to GTK3; i am using Debian Testing - Gnome 3.0.2 and i would sure like to use your theme :)

You can use the GTK2 version for the GTK2 apps. Think about it and let us know ! Great job !

Thanks and rgds !

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 Re: GTK3 Theme based on Adwaita & Clearlooks for G

 by hozza on: Feb 26 2013
Score 50%

I would also really like a GTK3 theme for this! :O

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 Re: GTK3 Theme based on Adwaita & Clearlooks for G

 by enigmaster on: May 1 2013
Score 50%

Here's another one who would like to see GTK3 support for this theme. I use it on every machine, I really love it!

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 No border for Lxde :(

 by meagainlol on: Jul 23 2012
Score 50%

Dude i installed this theme,but no have a border for Lxde! Just blue clearlooks.

I use Lubuntu 12.04

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 How to install

 by foxbrush on: Feb 1 2014
Score 50%


I am new to this, kind of don't know where to start.
How to install this nice theme ?
My system is linuxmint 15 cinnamon.

Thank you

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 Re: How to install

 by aliagnome on: Apr 1 2014
Score 50%

You must have figured it out by now, but anyways, here is the thing: Just extract the downloaded tarball and move the themes (all the versions) into ~/.themes :)

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