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ubuntu haters


I cant set my IP addres, I cant play my mp3, I cant write my particions, I cant wirte my other hd....
What canI ?
Nothing !!

Members: 33
Comments: 75
Created: Jun 24 2009
Changed: Jun 24 2009
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 Chillout guys

 by riggy on: Dec 31 2009
Score 50%

First of all, I'm also not an ubuntu lover. Honestly, I don't like it. It was my first distro, but about 2 years ago I got myself a new laptop, and ubuntu just couldn't handle it. Usb didn't work, sound didn't work as well. From all other distros I tried fedora, but it was one, big, total crap... My friend got me hooked to PLD. Not all worked out of the box though, one of the developers compiled newest kernel for me, and then all worked like charm (it seemed my laptop just had "too new" hardware for ubu and other distros to handle at that time). I'm stuck with PLD ever since and I'm happy with it.

But saying that ubuntu is crap, terrible distribution, even though I dislike it, seems a little bit unfair. In my opinion it's a good distro for a linux newbie. Many people got turned to linux because of ubuntu. But it's for newbie only. A lot of things can be done just by clicking-your-way-through. However doing so, it's hard to learn anything. If anynone wants to do anything more complicated, learn something more, I guess it's time to change your distro.

Why I dislike ubuntu: most of all, deb packaging system - it's just horrible, I know what I'm saying. Besides anything it's slow, packages have some crappy dependencies (there was a time, when I tried to install firefox 3.5, but I got 3.0 installed along with it too, couldn't get rid of it...). But it's good for any Windows user who wants to try to start his adventure with linux. Learn some basics with ubuntu, then try something more challenging.

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 Re: Chillout guys

 by ben2talk on: Jan 2 2010
Score 63%

The only reason people need packaging systems is because EVERY software depends on other software! To say that it's just horrible would apply to every OS out there. Windows has dependencies - dll's that need to be registered and installed properly before the software works - so I wouldn't dream about going on to anything more challenging than a pocket calculator.

I added a PPA for Firefox 3.7 and opened up Synaptic - selected Firefox 3.7 and Unselected Firefox 3.0 - works perfectly.

Perhaps you don't know what you're doing and didn't look in the menu's too well.

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 Re: Re: Chillout guys

 by riggy on: Jan 2 2010
Score 38%

Some misunderstanding here - I'm not saying that packaging systems in general are horrible. I just don't like debian system, that's all. Package dependencies are needed, of course. But if someone screws them up, it's just chaos, it includes almost every distribution I guess. However I still prefer rpm's over deb's. Combined with a good package managing tool (for me it's poldek from pld, I never liked fedora's yum for example), rpm's beat the crap out of deb system, but thats ONLY my personal opinion. I understand that someone might think otherwise, it's a free world :-)

While using ubuntu I never used Synaptics, Adept or any other clickable tool. I'm used to command line tools, so back in the days I installed everything using apt-get. Maybe firefox isn't perfect example, but for me it was just weird that I needed older version in order to install the newest. I haven't found any apt-get option to 'uncheck' firefox 3.0.

Also, I'm not trying to start some sort of flame discussion against ubuntu. There are already some people here throwing crap at it, so I guess it's enough. I even tried to defend it at some point, I thought it was obvious...

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 by lostintheshell on: Sep 18 2010
Score 30%

Ubuntu + Windows * OS X = SUCKS!!!

Canonical + Microsoft / Apple = $$$$$$


1. To make your blog popular you must put "Ubuntu" word in your blog.

2. Calling other OS user an idiots just because they not using CLI in general. (I'm using CLI and not using Ubuntu)

3. "Read The Friendly Manual before asking you moron!!!!!"says Ubuntu elitists.

How to make a new Ubuntu respin.

1. Download Ubuntu 10.04.iso, and burn it on blank CD or order or buy it. Whatever I don't care.

2. Install it on your HDD

3. Add it with bloated apps from apt-get plus add with goodies from other Ubuntu respins.

4. Burn it with mkliveCD or whatever you like.

5. Named and post it on popular website or blog.

6. Now you have a newly bloated Ubuntu respins.

JuLinux is the only Ubuntu respins works better than Ubuntu itself. No you don't have to use it. It's my personal opinion. LOL
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 New Fanboy Group

 by marcaemus on: Sep 19 2010
Score 21%

I see there's another noobu group just formed. Seems they need to shout everyone else down and only want to see the One Ubu Way.

What I like with linux is diversity. The GNOME desktop is not the ubuntu desktop. KDE is not kubuntu. It is NOT the ubu OS.

Its nonsense to argue that ubu is the easy step for users migrating from windoze. All the major distros are just as 'easy'.

Again, its the company (Canonical) taking over with its marketing generating this fanboyism. Sheep following the blurb.

Even most newer themes reflect the ubu desktop look - which is nothing more than product branding: reinforce the same colours and styles, reinforce the brand.

That's why I stay clear of ubu.

(Not a bad brain snap ;) )

A cry for help a hint of anaesthesia
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 Re: New Fanboy Group

 by lostintheshell on: Sep 19 2010
Score 39%

If Ubuntu is the only Linux OS in the world, I won't use Linux. I'll learn how to use BSD. Thx god it's not the only Linux OS exist in this world. LOL

Ubuntu 10.10 is about to release. Which side d'ya on. LOL
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 Re: New Fanboy Group

 by TheRob on: Sep 24 2010
Score 28%

That's because they are 14 yr old and
do not do research because they know
everything already and just wanna shout
out about how good os they have found a'la
heeeey, it has wobbly windows and
transparency. ubuntu is soooo much better
then anything else.... blahblahblah...
I hate this community nowadays, credit
should go to the real projects like kde,
not to the a$$holes at canonical.

But that is not possible as it's not
possible to teach people who already
know everything. This sucks.

"life sucks, get a f***ing helmet alright!" -Denis Leary
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 Re: Re: New Fanboy Group

 by hariuha on: Sep 29 2010
Score 64%

The question is: Should Linux be more famous?
If Linux should be more famous than now, Ubuntu gets the right way. It provides a functional distribution. Easy to use and good for people who came from Windows. Windows user need a simple Linux Distro.... Thats why Ubuntu is so successful. No user would write scripts or work with the shell or console. Except Linux freaks. Developer are payed for there work. That´s okay. As long as it´s costless for me. You can decide which desktopmanager you use. KDE or GNOME or XFCE or.......
You can change your look & feel if you like it. But this options are valid for EVERY linux distribution. It doesn't matter whether you use ubuntu, fedora, opensuse, mandriva or any other distro.

Sorry for my bumpy english....
I´m not a native speaker....

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 Re: Re: Re: New Fanboy Group

 by lostintheshell on: Sep 29 2010
Score 50%

You said Ubuntu is ease of use, doesn't need commandline to operate and blah blah blah.

So why do I see sudo apt-get in every Ubuntu forums?

Ubuntu should change their sudo apt-get command to sudo apt-fucking-gates. LOL
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 by lostintheshell on: Sep 28 2010
Score 31%

Thx god I'm not 14 yr old. LOL Canonical pays all the software developer. The software developer urge the fanboyism, sounds like neo Microsoft to me. :-))

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 Blind leading the blind

 by marcaemus on: Sep 29 2010
Score 50%

I pick up some useful info in the various distros' forums especially Gentoo, Arch and Fedora. But I stumbled into an ubu forum the other day. This thread caught my eye:

A poster was having trouble with audio. The suggested fix was to rip out the entire pulseaudio stack and then install gnome-alsamixer.

Its funny 'coz its sad.

Dance to the radio
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 Re: Blind leading the blind

 by TheRob on: Sep 29 2010
Score 42%

mmmhm, ubuntu has kinda lowered the standards
if you look at it,
I mean, nowadays you have tutorials on
how to change wallpaper on ubuntu, how
to add a launcher to gnome panel....
yikes, do people rtfm at all these days? :D

"life sucks, get a f***ing helmet alright!" -Denis Leary
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 by nuxxed on: Sep 29 2010
Score 58%

What a dumb attitude.

So a company finally makes Linux accessible to many people and all you can do is hate it?

I use Kubuntu on my laptop cus nothing else works on it other than Windows 7 - even slackware won't install.
I've been using Linux since 2002 - started with Mandrake, used just about every distro under the sun at one time or another. I set up a community radio station using Debian and SuSE. So I have a little experience.

Distro hating is just a waste of thought and energy.

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 Re: Wow.

 by lostintheshell on: Sep 29 2010
Score 42%

So what are you doin' here? Can you Read The F****** Manual? This group belongs to Ubuntu Hater. Do we troll your Ubuntu envy Group? Nope.

Mark Shuttleworth is another example of programmer turns into businessman. Just like Bill Gates creates M$ or Steve Jobs build Apple. I wonder if Mark helps developing Ubuntu now.

I bet he is busy counting all the money he could from company using Ubuntu as Operating System.

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 Re: Re: Wow.

 by nuxxed on: Sep 30 2010
Score 58%

You should try taking your head out of your ass once in a while.

Canonical are not making money.
Comparisons between Shuttleworth and Bill Gates or Steve Jobs are just ridiculous.

Some of what Ubuntu does annoys the crap out of me, but I'm not stupid enough to go all rabid and hate them for it.

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 Re: Re: Re: Wow.

 by lostintheshell on: Oct 1 2010
Score 38%

You're the one should take your head outta your ass. Canonical is making money thru company using Ubuntu. They're giving lecture or should we call service how to run Ubuntu. Everybody knows that.

Because some company can't operate the OS.

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