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 Sep 12 2015  
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Bob Bosak 5

United States of America, Mount Pleasant
Last visit Jul 29 2015
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- -
Name: Bob Bosak (m)
Birthday: Feb 28 1963
Uploads: 0
Job status: working
Country: Mount Pleasant, United States of America
Linux, Gnome, Art, Music, Movies, Cars
People open to change as to make this world better for everyone. People that are open to see their computer screen as a canvas. People willing to work hard to change the face of computing and not just accept things as they are!
Don't likes:
close-minded people that see changes for the good of society as a bad thing. People that do not want to learn from their mistakes. People that do not try to understand someone else\'s works of art! Plain themes no gradients, no style and nothing visually changed! People that want to see our freedoms be taken away.
Computers and most everything associated with them. Gardening, Auto Mechanics, Baking, Cooking, Camping
German -small/not proficient
Spanish - same as above
Programming languages:
Favourite quote:
A job is not done until it is done right!
Favourite music:
Old foggies Rock \\\'N\\\' Roll
Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, ELP, Eagles so on to vast to elaborate on all! Solid rocker to the core!!
Favourite tv shows:
Revolution, Dr Who, Orphan Black, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad. Many more but has to be exciting and challenging. Nothing that is figured in 5 minutes of watching!
Favourite movies:
Bad Santa, Flight, The Matrix, Terminator, Wrong Turn. Am a real Sci-fi nut but love great mysteries also and some horror
Favourite books:
Christine and all Stephen King novels. There is just no one better! Some may trail close, but no one can beat him!
Favourite games:
Final Fantasy, Kaboom, Evil Dead, Starsky & Hutch
About me:
Recent graduate of Columbia State Community College. At age 50 am starting on a new career in Computers. AAS/Applied Science. I currently do work for Advertising and Marketing
Email: Contact BBOSAK2143
Internet Relay Chat (irc): Nick:BBOSAK2143
Registered: Jun 14 2013
Last visit: Jul 29 2015
My PC:
PC assembled by me. Asus M4A78L-M motherboard Athlon II x4 630 Processor
4 gigs Memory ATI 4200 built in Video(first one I built this way, can\\\'t win them all!) 1TB Seagate HD

ASUS Laptop R503U Dual Core runs same OS as main PC aka \"Ravenswood\"
Operating System:
my Own assembled Ubuntu 13.10 aka \"Ravenswood\" Desktops include Gnome 3.10, Mate, XFCE, LXDE and Cinnamon. Hardcore gtk person

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Mar 31 2015 01:28 BBOSAK2143 posted a comment "Want to download but surely not by adfly!"
Mar 31 2015 01:28 BBOSAK2143 posted a comment "Want to download but surely not by adfly!"
Mar 24 2015 23:30 BBOSAK2143 posted a comment "Re: Too much strain on eye"
Mar 11 2015 01:19 BBOSAK2143 posted a comment "Nice looking theme, adfly download? Nasty!"
Mar 7 2015 00:37 BBOSAK2143 posted a comment "Re: Very Nice."
Feb 11 2015 02:53 BBOSAK2143 has uploaded: "Ambiance_BB-3D"
Jan 31 2015 14:51 BBOSAK2143 posted a comment "Re: Great Theme"
Jan 30 2015 01:04 BBOSAK2143 has uploaded: "Cyana-3DII"
Dec 24 2014 16:35 BBOSAK2143 posted a comment "Beyond Great"
Dec 24 2014 15:19 BBOSAK2143 posted a comment "Beautiful coloring"
Nov 22 2014 19:16 BBOSAK2143 posted a comment "Typing error"
Nov 22 2014 17:59 BBOSAK2143 posted a comment "Typing error"
Nov 22 2014 02:01 BBOSAK2143 has uploaded: "Cyana_and_Black_Beauty3.14Shell"
Oct 29 2014 01:18 BBOSAK2143 has uploaded: "Cyana 3.14 Shell Theme"
Oct 6 2014 14:05 BBOSAK2143 posted a comment "Re: Well err.."
Oct 1 2014 01:25 BBOSAK2143 has uploaded: "Cyana-3D"
Sep 18 2014 01:28 BBOSAK2143 posted a comment "Beautiful Artwork"
Sep 9 2014 15:22 BBOSAK2143 posted a comment "Beautiful!"
Jul 2 2014 02:51 BBOSAK2143 has updated the profile page.
Jul 1 2014 00:58 BBOSAK2143 has uploaded: "Ambiance_BB"
Jun 25 2014 23:39 BBOSAK2143 posted a comment "Nice!"
Jun 19 2014 15:01 BBOSAK2143 posted a comment "Re: Re: Stylish Theme"
Jun 19 2014 01:28 BBOSAK2143 has uploaded: "Burgundy_Blend"
Jun 17 2014 00:49 BBOSAK2143 posted a comment "Re: Re: Re: Re: Like it, just wish I could get it to w"
Jun 16 2014 23:56 BBOSAK2143 posted a comment "Re: Stylish Theme"
Jun 16 2014 15:00 BBOSAK2143 posted a comment "Re: Is that a theme?"
Jun 16 2014 14:58 BBOSAK2143 posted a comment "Re: Seriously?"
Jun 16 2014 04:17 BBOSAK2143 has uploaded: "Black_Knight"
Jun 10 2014 14:55 BBOSAK2143 posted a comment "Problem Vs Opinions"
Jun 4 2014 15:42 BBOSAK2143 posted a comment "Thank You!"

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