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Divided we Fail

Free Software


I see it every day. GNOME VS. KDE, Linux VS. BSD, GNU/Linux VS. Linux, SUSE VS. Fedora VS. Ubuntu... The list goes on. Please, stop fighting everybody.

What is happening is more than a disagreement. It's World War 3. People are cussing and calling people names all over the Internet, and even in "The Real World". Just because someone uses KDE instead of GNOME, or Linux instead of BSD. You're all acting like two year olds.

If we keep this up, Microsoft will own the internet. We need to work together if we're going to EVER get ahead. Bill Gates probably is munching on popcorn watching us destroy ourselves.

I'm not telling you that you have to all work on the same project. After all, Free Software is about Freedom, and one very important Freedom is the Freedom of choice.

Hey GNOME and KDE guys, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people will like one, and some will like the other. Some will decide they don't want either and pick XFCE or even stick to the console. It's not worth the fight. And as for Linux VS. BSD, they're both great, and people will use what they want. And it's not like it\'s impossible or even hard to design a piece of software that works flawlessly on both, as long as we're talking free open source.

STOP THE FIGHTING, so we can get back to the more important stuff, like stopping Microsoft from eating up the Web. So join this group if you're fed up like me over the fighting!

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Comments: 25
Created: Sep 30 2008
Changed: Sep 30 2008
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 Nice group

 by biomega on: Nov 9 2008
Score 50%

Yea irrelevant comment, but this is a nice group, it's inclusive smart!

Cliff Burton R.I.P. ...Metallica!
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 Why must people argue?

 by linuxgurl13 on: Dec 1 2008
Score 50%
linuxgurl13 linuxgurl13
Susan Harris 4

United States of America, Conway
Last visit Mar 21 2011
1 Friends
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- -

I know its part of human nature to believe that your opinion is "right" while everyone else's is "wrong" (please take the quotes into consideration when reading this!).
I like test driving other distributions of Linux, but I'm not going to rub it into people's faces that I use the "popular" Kubuntu. I use what I feel comfortable with.
Yes, KDE looks a lot like wind0wz, and Gnome looks a lot like Mac...
I used the evil m$ product since the 3.1 days until over a year ago. I lived for over 6 months without making my computer into a dual boot system (just couldn't get certain programs to run using wine, and I still can't). KDE feels "comfortable" to me because its what I'm used to.
Honestly, if I was still using KDE 3.5.10, I would make a login and make it look as close to m$ xp to help a person make the transition. Is that such a bad thing? (kbfx makes that a lot easier than it would be in KDE 4.x)
And what about doing something similar with someone coming from OSX and making a gnome desktop look like that?
I greatly admire the people who use Gentoo as everything is compiled from source (at least that's what I believe to be correct), because doing that confuses me unless there is a simple README file included in the download.
I've looked at others, and decided to stay where I am.
Does it truly matter if Linux is an OS or a Kernel? Gnome, KDE, or XFCE? Kubuntu, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Mandriva, Arch, etc etc?
Does it even matter if you're using Linux or BSD?
We're choosing to use the FREE, (in my opinion) better operating system. We're not stuck in a loop where we have to fork over hundreds of dollars for the OS, and thousands for all the software we need. The vast majority of our software is FREE and better maintained. We don't have to search around and around the web to find what we need. There are graphical interface programs that will divide all the programs you could ever want into nice categories for us shell prompt impaired. And those who aren't can quickly find what they are looking for with an apt-cache search command.
I refuse to say that one distribution, desktop environment, one windows manager is better than the other. They are all different and give us the FREEDOM of choice.
And that's my two cents on the topic.

what do you expect?
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 by TheRob on: Dec 1 2008
Score 50%

well, I must say that I personally understand
the people who are arguing (I usually have
ending discussions with my friends about
which one is better) since when you try something
that you really like, you feel as if its your duty
to tell the rest of your friends about how great
something is.

I mean, I'm sure you have all said to a windows
user with a superior state of mind "I don't use
windows, windows sucks" and then you are absolutely
no better than the people arguing over desktop
environments over the net, I personally think that
arguing is good, because it gets kinda like a competition
then (and we all know what happens when
there is none)
since then people get creative and tries to make
the best program ever and that is when we
get the best apps :)

I do agree that comments like "kde sucks" and
"I hate kubuntu" doesn't make the world
a better place for anyone, but if you have a
constructive argument, kinda like a debate one
might say, you might get creative and have lot's
of good ideas :)

I personally use kde-svn on gentoo and wouldn't
have it any other way, I was a gnome user
earlier but I started missing too much features
and functions so that is my reason for using
kde :)

I'm sure every gnome user has their reasons
and I'm glad there is the gnome option for them.

If there weren't people who disagree with each
other, then there probably wouldn't be anything
else than unix.... bill started microsoft because
he wanted to make software that was easy
enough for anyone to use.

so please, think about what you are saying.

quote from wikipedia:
"Microsoft's original mission was "a computer on every desk and in every home, running Microsoft software"—it is a goal near fulfillment."


also, I dislike what canonical is doing, they
do not care about linux, they care about
ubuntu, they want to get "ubuntu certified"
hardware, not "linux certified" .

well, that's all, go ahead and call me a "throll"
or whatever, I really wan't lose sleep :)

take care


\\\\\\\"life sucks, get a f***ing helmet alright!\\\\\\\" -Denis Leary
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 Re: war?

 by Fri13 on: Dec 2 2008
Score 50%

It does not matter who use what. Is it a KDE or GNOME, XFCE4 or LXDE, Window manager or Desktop Envinronment and what Linux distribution....

Someone likes APT package manager, someone likes Packman and someone urpmi.

If openSUSE works best in one server environment and s*cks on other, it does not mean that openSUSE is better than the other distribution what was used on the second server environment or... the other was better. It is just a one situation of many where something else is better in that case. No need to flame such.

What comes to flamewars... about Linux, GNU/Linux, it is more technical and there is technical reasons for that. And problems solved when it was taked as politics, who used what to do what and when.

But because there is technical reason, what is logical and historial fact, it can not be changed to other meaning because of marketing.

I agree with TheRob that Canonicals purposes are not so good for whole community.

In simple terms the Canonical is taking all what it can get from Debian, rebrand it and including own theme and own default configurations. And then it starts offering it for corporations with paid support and with free support for normal users, posting CD's for free and everything is paid from Mark Shuttleworth's pocket..

When you look Ubuntu's philosophy you notice that it is almost identical with GNU's idealogy.

But still, what TheRob said:

"also, I dislike what canonical is doing, they do not care about linux, they care about ubuntu, they want to get "ubuntu certified" hardware, not "linux certified" ."

It just twist the meaning of Canonicals actions. I do not want to get a new "Microsoft" from Canonical to software/hardware market where hardware and software is designed for Ubuntu and it does not work on other Linux distributions so well. I do not want to see a Ubuntu logo stacked to Printer's boxes when I go to buy new printer.

I want that HW/SW vendors keeps in mind that Ubuntu is not anykind "special" among other Linux distributions. We have standards like LSB and POSIX what makes sure that we all have the freedom to choose what we use.

Thats why Richard Stallman keeps so big noise about freedom, because you loose it so easily in small steps. First they take your littlefinger, and then they have your whole arm and soon you are slave.

There has been a good discussion about Canonical's actions in Linux distributions markets from commercial point of view. The questioning about Mark's purpose to actually /support/ Open Source. Could it be more wiser from Mr. Shuttleworth to donate money to projects what were already up and running, instead starting own?

I think that we all want peace and freedom, what would allow us all to use what we want. But to protect our selfs, we need to keep balance in the "force".

What is Linux and GNU/Linux?

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 A group I've been looking for

 by masterjamie on: Dec 3 2008
Score 50%
masterjamie masterjamie
Jamie Quinlan 0

United Kingdom, Greater Manchester
Last visit Dec 3 2008
0 Friends
1 Groups

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- -

I'm sick of the infighting. Try out different things. Once you've found something that you're comfortable with, by all means go with it. Don't flame everyone else that uses something else.

Those rules, I belive, are good points to consider. That way, we can concentrate on more pressing matters.

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 evil in the net

 by JohnnyJu on: Dec 5 2008
Score 50%
JohnnyJu JohnnyJu
TheLinuxBeau tyProject
Johnny Ju -1

Netherlands, Amsterdam
Last visit Apr 21 2009
0 Friends
4 Groups

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- -

ah, actually those talks about kde gnome, blablabla, it is not to take so serious.

you wanna now what is really dividing:


those are sick in my eyes, they do not talk the true, have a look!

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 Re: evil in the net

 by deringer on: Dec 6 2008
Score 50%

I hate this commercialization!!!
For one coffe i will upgrade you're distro :D:D with drivers,codecs,lsongs and many many linux futures :D Only for one coffe without suger!!!Take a chance..call soon and bring the future...
CNR!?WoW!What deal...hihihi

About the group - i love everything in Linux/UNIX...I have 3 desktop on my environment on my Ubuntu,and i use them.But this is not important...the target is "Make me feel so free" ;)
In my country I strive to populate linux/unix - not environment,not only one distro...
Feel free , Be free!
P.S Srry for my bad english[it's horrble i know ;) ]

LinuX beat windowZz
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 Re: evil in the net

 by Fri13 on: Dec 8 2008
Score 50%

That is same thing what Ubuntu is doing too... but for other OS's like Windows NT. At least on few Ubuntu's sites what are for other languages.

Those list should be very very carefully tought, but now those are just normal marketing, what is done on Wikipedia too by Ubuntu users.

What is Linux and GNU/Linux?

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