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Gnome-Shell Alternative


Imagine there is an alternative to Gnome-Shell. How do you wish it to look like and function?

Think of an old features from Gnome2, KDE, XFCE, LXDE, Fluxbox etc. Or features known from Windows, Mac OS X, iPad, Android, mobile phones or whatever. Think of new features.

Think about how do you use your desktop.

What do you like about it? What features do you wish it to have? How do you use it and what do you need it to be?

Are you GNOME-Shell fan? Visit GNOME-Shell group here:

Members: 13
Comments: 10
Created: Apr 9 2011
Changed: Feb 26 2012
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 My opinion

 by swano on: Apr 13 2011
Score 63%

I think efforts should be concentrated on gtk. Indeed, gtk works fine, but I always found the final result a bit messy. A picture is worth 1000 words so :

With a gtk interface, where multiple widget borders are side by side, there are 2 (or more) pixels separations. It would be cleaner if it was every time a pixel.

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 Re: My opinion

 by TheRob on: Apr 18 2011
Score 50%

gtkstatusbar shadow type none?

...oh and also, gtk sucks mighty :)

"life sucks, get a f***ing helmet alright!" -Denis Leary
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 My opinion

 by scorici on: Jun 9 2011
Score 63%

First of all how do I write a comment without replying to someone?
Ok I entered the Linux world about a year ago with Mint 9 Isadora because it was based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and is the most easy distro for me. I played with wubi some time before I decided to switch and picked a distro (Mint, which I still use).
I'm a gnome 2.x user. I found out about Arch and decided to switch to it after I've learned enough about it and tested it in virtualbox before I do anything. I also have tried many other distribution in virtualbox. So as my experiments was doing great I find out gnome3 was coming out and BOOM it shocked me, it made me very upset. I now have it virtualbox arch with KDE XFCE LXDE and other window managers but not gnome, I installed it and removed it very quickly !! I wanted to switch to arch still using classic gnome. The problem is not that I can't switch to arch is that I am left without my DE, it's gone. Mint still keeps holding on gnome 2.x listening to the comunity but it will not last very long I think. So my alternative to gnome-shell and gnome3 is gnome 2 !!
Is that to much to ask? I think it is considering the situation. Just rewriting the same thing in gtk3 will solve everything for me. I hate the new gnome-panel and new nautilus, I saw that desktop icons can be re-enabled and minimise and maximise buttons can be re-enabled also so that's no real harm. I don't like the gnome-shell but I don't really care about it, the fallback mode would have been a solver for me but it's just a dumbed down version of gnome-panel just not to give a better alternative to gnome-shell so is like a way the devs are forcing people to use gnome-shell, that's how I think. I don't feel comfortable with any other DE and I'm stuck with nowhere to go from gnome 2.x , I'm still in denial, can't believe this is happening.
Just want gnome back :((
Just call me a whiner but who can really say that I'm wrong ?!
Gnome 2 could be improved, like separate theming for the panel an arrow for the Notification Area to hide some icons in tray etc...
There was place for improvement and still offer the progress gained, and making it modular avoiding bloat . New gnome just throws away all the progress made so far leaving you with nothing much.
I got a reply from someone to stop crying , that gnome2 will still be around a couple of years at least and in time gnome3 will get better... yeah right.

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 Re: My opinion

 by desktorp on: Jun 9 2011
Score 63%

I totally feel where you're coming from. What it boils down to, for me anyhow, is tradition. I am usually not much for traditions, but when you have a classic form for something like a desktop environment, it's very much one of those "ain't broke - don't fix" situations. The way everyone hounds on the "Notification Tray" as this big, evil, confusing mess is just annoying, at this point. I feel like they've used the Notification Tray as a scapegoat to have an excuse for shaking things up. There are lots of ways to rethink that whole situation but instead everyone just wants to kill it entirely and pretend like they're the ones who invented this new, touch-oriented environment. Then we pretend like being touch-oriented is not THE factor in the change. The most annoying part to me is how similar Gnome-Shell and Unity are with eachother. People are given this false impression that the two projects are somehow competing, when at the end of the day, Canonical hosts both projects. I don't like it, you don't like it. Lots of us clearly don't like it.

I know XFCE isn't a drop-in replacement for Gnome2 yet, but I think it will eventually become the obvious choice for people who feel that their back is against the wall on the matter.

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 What I would take...

 by Fri13 on: May 16 2011
Score 50%

I would take KDE Plasma technologies and many other pilars from KDE SC and then mix them together with Unix philosophy "Every device is a file" and Xerox Star intuitive functionality.

What you would get? Easy mouse+few keys controllable desktop.


That demo is done 1982 (computer presented at 1981), but the Xerox Star interface was visualized about 1977.

Xerox Star was the GUI what made Apple to design their first GUI and later microsoft to copy it from Apple (Xerox Star did not use first Xerox's GUI but it was on Xerox Alto 1973).

And even today, we dont have such simple, easy and powerfull desktop as what Xerox Star was on those times.

So much we have lost because microsoft has fighted from market share and got monopoly because IBM offered PC market in silverplate to it.


Xerox Star GUI functions were one thing what touched me deeply and I got idea of new notification system.


My idea would be to bring the physical functionality back to the computing.

You have a file what you want to print? Just drag it over the printer side of the screen (not on the desktop).
You have document open in editor and you want to print it? Just drag the window (or document icon in window decoration) over the printer.

Want to digitalize the photo/document in scanner? Just drag the scanner icon from side of the screen to over a folder.

Want to send a email? Write it with any text editor or similar and drag document over outbox and select receiver(s).

What is Linux and GNU/Linux?

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 Re: What I would take...

 by user333 on: May 25 2011
Score 50%

Your drag and drop interface sound's really interesting :)

While I like Gnome-Shell a lot, I would be interested in making a totally new interface, based off of an already existing framework like GTK or Qt. Of course, it wouldn't be TOTALLY new, it would just take the good bits others thought up, and leave all the junk. Maybe we should start a forum about this where we can discuss this? (not just the open desktop page.)

Here is the single most important thing you can ever read:
If you agree, put this in your signature too ;)

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 Re: What I would take...

 by novomente on: Jun 15 2011
Score 50%

If you are unhappy with current desktop environments, you can do something to build new one. There is new group starting an activity of creating new DE - Free Desktop Environment group. You can visit the group, read what is inside and if interested, join it:


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 XFCE + Compiz

 by desktorp on: Jun 1 2011
Score 63%

Right now I'm using XFCE with Compiz instead of xfwm4. I would like to see more direct support for this combination, out of the box-so to speak, because I find the homegrown compositors to be inferior. My initial reason for this combination is to make more effective use of the Gnome Window Applets (Window Title and Window Controls) I do not use decorations. Instead, I use Compiz to draw a very thin, dark shadow, with zero offset, to simulate a border. The result looks rather cel-shady and I like it very much.

Another big facet of my interface is that it relies upon a five-button mouse. On this particular mouse, I use my thumb for grabbing a window and resizing; where other five-button layouts give you a thumb and pinky button, instead. This way, I can grab and resize windows, without having decorations to supply the grabbable areas or keyboard assistance to activate the action. I love it. Currently however, XFApplet does a rather poor job of using the Gnome Window Applet package, so I am searching for a way to have it ported directly to XFCE's panel. The sexiest part of the entire thing is when I'm sketching in Gimp. It's just this plain, white square on my desktop. No bars, no menus. It's more like a real piece of paper than it's ever been. So cool.

I suppose I could basically sum up my opinion by saying that I see XFCE as the alternative.

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 Finding one alternative

 by kzuo on: Jun 13 2011
Score 63%

Hi. I am Linux user about two years, and come from KDE to Gnome because I like the look of Gnome 2x, but i hate the gnome-shell way.
I think gnome2x very simplistic an lack some customization power like KDE.
Gnome2x should have some independent customization. And now with the "Only-a-big-integrated-filled piece-of-cake" make me sad.
At last I dont find one complete alternative for gnome2x... yet

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 Gnome-Shell or Unity or New Desktop

 by novomente on: Feb 26 2012
Score 50%

Hi all.

There is a longer time since GNOME-Shell and Unity were introduced.
Many users have bigger experience with them since beta versions. If You use one of them, You can be happy with them or You can have some wishes to improve them.

And here is the right place to discuss them. Here you can tell what you want the Gnome-Shell or Unity to have. You can say that you are happy with them as they are now. Or you can tell that there could be good alternative to both. Or you can say there is no need of any alternative.

It's up to you - the developers are listening :)

Note: You can also vote in some poll here:

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