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Okey, recently there\'s been a trend here at opendesktop, the trend
is hate, everybody hates something, nobody likes nothing.

I\'d hate to think that is actually the case, so I encourrage everyone
to name one thing they like in the software industry today, personally
I can find stuff I like in windows and mac osx, just to name a few
that has gotten a lot of hate lately.

lately the \"if it aint open source, it sucks\" mentality has taken over, and
that sucks, because open source has a lot to learn from closed source

Okey now, please tell me to f**k off just prove my point.

join here to discuss what windows and other software has that needs to
be improved within open source, I\'m not a coder, I\'m just interested
in what you think needs to be improved.


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Created: Aug 23 2009
Changed: Aug 23 2009
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 by Padster on: Aug 23 2009
Score 50%
Padster Padster

i think it's getting to the overkill point with all these hate groups now. (and to think it started with my windows haters group ^^) i know commercial stuff is a lot of the time better in some ways, but that's because it is commercial, it gets more funding.

Dont panic.
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 Re: yeah...

 by TheRob on: Aug 25 2009
Score 50%

Yeah... there are a lot of aspects why commercial
stuff is usually better/more complete, tho lately
open source software seems to be somekinda
trend and going fast.

\\\\\\\"life sucks, get a f***ing helmet alright!\\\\\\\" -Denis Leary
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 Thinkers, not haters!

 by LaGaDesk on: Aug 24 2009
Score 50%

Yes! Thanks to you Robert for this group. My English is not good enough to present all of my thoughts here. But I'll try.
The problem with open source software and closed source software is that the interests could not be more different. The manufacturer of closed source software
want to earn as much money with their software. For the developers of open source software is freedom and openness very important.
And if someone asks me what's important for me, then it is clear: freedom. And that's why I use whenever it is possible free and open source software (foss). If is there not a free application for my work, then I use closed source software. So I need proprietary drivers for my notebook (wlan) and desktop (nvidia graphic). And I do not think it's reprehensible to use it. But if it there a free alternative, I use them.

The greatest danger, however, I see in the growing number of software patents.
These are barriers more and more for the development of good software for both sides. Our main task should be to fight against these patents.



Please don't wake me, I'm working!
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 Re: Thinkers, not haters!

 by TheRob on: Aug 25 2009
Score 50%

Yeah! the open source desktop is growing more
and more complete and the need for proprietary
software diminished by the day!

Me personally I think the multimedia is one
aspect within open source that needs improvement.
Current codecs and media players just aren't as
good as proprietary once, and I should say, I
hate vlc player, I have yet to try a worse player
than that, just my opinion.

for windows there is something called coreavc
codec, that really is fast! Lately you can actually
enable coreavc in mplayer (and xine) and therefore
use it with smplayer (which is my personal
fav) with some tweaking.

One other thing is drivers yes, tho they are under
heavy development and we have already seen
good drivers for most chips.

I don't mean to complain, just discuss.

\\\\\\\"life sucks, get a f***ing helmet alright!\\\\\\\" -Denis Leary
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 Re: Re: Thinkers, not haters!

 by LaGaDesk on: Aug 25 2009
Score 50%

Yes, indeed! But the codec problem is, that the majority of the codecs are proprietary. And it will not change so quickly, I fear.
But the players are far from being perfect. Totem with gstreamer or xine is a disaster. Therefore I also use the Kaffeine in GNOME. But he started slowly and fits not nice in the desktop environment. However this is a good all-rounder for all videos.
The (S)Mplayer is a good too.
For music there are many good players. Rhythmbox, Exaile, Amarok... all are very useful.
It would be nice, there would be a player for all files.
And than there is the problem with graphic drivers. Whenever I want to watch dvd, I must switch the compositing off If I want it flicker-free. This is something that really disturbs me. Everything else are just small imperfections.

Please don't wake me, I'm working!
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 Re: Re: Re: Thinkers, not hate

 by TheRob on: Aug 27 2009
Score 50%

Yeah! smplayer is great since it has tons of advanced
features that I like to play with, plus it uses the
mplayer backend (which actually provides the
features but only in command line) and that
makes it extremely fast. As I mentioned there is
the coreavc possibility, if you don't believe me
that it's the best hd codec out there, try for yourself,
you'll notice.

Amarok is my music player of choice, tho I can
honestly say that I fell in love with the filemanager
feeling of the amarok 1.x series I like the amarok 2.x
just as much.

In my opinion, we need a player that kills
windows media player, honestly, that is a wonderful

About the flicker, you have an ati card???
in that case, have you tried all the drivers

The fglrx driver really sucks big time, it sucks
so bad my 1800w vacuum cleaner would come in
second in a sucking contest.

hmmm, small imperfections, well, personally
I don't like having many toolkits loaded
in ram at the same time, it really kills me that
whatever de I choose I cannot rid the need
of several toolkits, plus it makes the desktop
look inconsistent, that is what I personally would
call kind of a major imperfection.... tho that is
just me and we all have different needs.

Then I don't even think I have to mention special
devices, like if I buy a supercool sound card
with 500 extra features, I can probably
just use the most normal ones within linux.

Tho the good thing about it is that it works!

In my opinion linux is not ready as a desktop
os for "normal" ppl who expect everything to
work when they buy a new device.

This is no problem for me as I usually know
what hw works with linux and then I buy that.

Also, I'm not forgetting that linux is open source
and ppl are actually doing this for free, but
talking about linux as an complete os or
windows replacement just doesn't make sence
to me.

hopefully I didn't bore you to death :D


\\\\\\\"life sucks, get a f***ing helmet alright!\\\\\\\" -Denis Leary
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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Thinkers, not hate

 by LaGaDesk on: Sep 2 2009
Score 50%

Ooops... I had no message that you answered. No, you do not bore me. I think this is a very interesting discussion.
In my notebooks are intel onboard graphics chips and all is fine. But in my desktop pc works a nvidia graphic card (8500GT). I had tested some different drivers and different preferences in the xorg.conf. Now I'm using an older driver and it works better but not perfect.The flicker effect with compiz is lesser. I have not this problem with a other nvidia graphic card (7300GS), there all is fine.

In your opinion Linux is not ready as an desktop OS. I think Linux is the perfekt desktop OS. But only for office, programming and design. It works fast, stable and is safe. It could be a perfect OS for a lot of people, if they are willing to learn. It is not a good OS for gamers currently. But this is not a Linux problem, more a problem of the software industry as in other software areas too.
When I look back of my time with Windows, I remember many problems which I have now not more.
There is no perfect OS. But still one with the smaller problems for the user who is working with the pc. This can be a Windows PC or a Linux/BSD/(Open)Solaris PC or a Mac. For me Linux is currently the best.

Best Regards


Please don't wake me, I'm working!
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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Thinkers,

 by TheRob on: Sep 18 2009
Score 50%

You're absolultely right there is no operating
system that would please everybody.

Linux has it's pros and cons as every other
operating system, windows has the most pros
atm tho.

As long as the software market is the way it is,
(windows on 99,9% of all computers in the world)
windows is gonna have the best and most advanced

Yes linux works fast, stable and safe, but then
for most users that is not the primary concern.
For the most users the primary concern is that
when the press the power button they get to
chat online with their webcam or surf online
with their 3g-modem, or maybe record some
new cool riffs on their guitar..... and this without
much hussle.

Linux does not offer that, windows and mac does.
(tho linux has gotten A LOT better on this
lately, and ofc, this is not a problem with
linux, but with the hardware vendors and
third party software vendors not caring about
making their stuff work with linux as they
would not benefit financially from it)

hmmm, I have an nvidia 8600 nad I'm having
no such problems, I don't use compiz, but
I do use compositing, yeah intels drivers seem
to work OK, I have a intel card on my lappy...
nothing to cheer about but... still... OK.

Nice talking to you


\\\\\\\"life sucks, get a f***ing helmet alright!\\\\\\\" -Denis Leary
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