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openDesktop.org Sponsoring


openDesktop.org is one of the biggest online communities, social networks and portals for the free desktop movement where developers, artists and users can share applications, tools, wallpapers, sounds, icons, themes and other artwork and stuff for the open desktop. Our sites generate more than 90 million monthly page impressions and reach over 2,6 million unique visitors per month.
Our users are IT experts from all over the world who are mainly committed to open source. Therefore it's an ideal place for companies to effectively present their products, services or job offers to a large audience. By sponsoring the openDesktop.org you directly reach the open source community with your message.

What is the openDesktop.org sponsoring?

The openDesktop.org sponsoring is a platform for companies and enterprises which want to prominent present their products and services on the openDesktop.org sites and support free software openDesktop.org is a huge free community portal including KDE-Apps.org, KDE-Look.org, GTK-Apps.org, GNOME-Look.org and many other similar sites. Although KDE and GNOME are prominent on the portal openDesktop.org is independent and offers a home for all kind of free software projects. By 2006 there were over 20 portals - all sharing the same infrastructure and user database. In 2007 the content of all the sites were aggregated on a single portal called openDesktop.org. Since then users of all the portals have been meeting friends, creating groups, exchanging messages and microblogging on more than 35 websites.

Due to more than 2.600.000 unique visitors per month and more than 90 million monthly page impressions openDesktop.org allows you to target a huge range of IT-specialists such as software developers, network or system administrators or power users from all over the world. Many open source key contributors are registered and visiting often our sites. And all sites have seen particular growth.

Additionally about 95% of our users recommend software and hardware to friends or family members and about 71% actually spend at least 1000$ per year for consumer electronics or personal technology. (Source: User Survey January 2009) You can find more information about our users in our mediakit:
download mediakit

What advantages do I have as a sponsor of openDesktop.org?

As a sponsor you can communicate with the open source community via different channels. You get a sponsoring badge on selected sites where it fits the best according to site's theme/topic. You also get at least one link to your site for search engine optimization. We announce your sponsorship via news, blogs, twitter and other social media channels. Moreover you can post premium job offers in our OpenSkillz.com job board. The job board is specialized for IT professionals, open source experts, artists or web developers. The difference to other job boards is that the board is deeply integrated into our communities. Premium job offers are featured in several million system emails (rotation of all premium job offers) and RSS feeds. For more information about the premium job offers visit:
about our job board

You can also post IT news about your company or products in our news section where you can reach the open source community with your message. The only requirement is that your news are IT related and interesting for our users.

This all allows you to get the attention that your product deserves. Lastly you support us and the community you help us to maintain our huge important biotope around the Linux desktop. Be recognized not only as a sponsor of the openDesktop.org but also a supporter of free and open source software and several open source projects such as GNOME and KDE.

Which sponsor packages do you offer?

Silver Gold Platinum
"sponsored by" banner (160x60) in the right column 1 website. You choose which website you want to sponsor. (rotation with other silver sponsors) 4 websites. You choose which websites you want to sponsor All 35 websites
Links to your company or product (Search Engine Optimization) 1 link. You choose on which website 4 links. You choose on which websites 10 links. You choose on which websites
Premium job offers - 1 premium job offer per month 3 premium job offers per month
Reference/mentioning in news, blog, twitter and other social media channels yes yes yes
Post news articles - 2 news posts about your product or company per year 6 news posts about your product or company per year
Support the open source community yes yes yes
Price per month 300,- EUR per month 800,- per EUR month 1500,- EUR per month

What is the openDesktop.org network?

Main Websites
OpenSkillz.com Our main recuiting portal
openDesktop.org Our main portal for all free software related content

KDE-Apps.org Applications for your KDE Desktop
GTK-Apps.org GTK Applications
MeeGo-Central.org MeeGo Applications
GNOMEFiles.org GNOME Applications
CLI-Apps.org Command Line Applications
Qt-Apps.org Free Qt Applications
Qt-Prop.org Proprietary Qt Applications
Maemo-Apps.org Applications for the Maemo Platform
Java-Apps.org Java Applications
eyeOS-Apps.org eyeOS Applications
Android-Community.org Applications and other stuff for the Android Mobile Platform
Wine-Apps.org Applications using Wine
Server-Apps.org Server Applications

KDE-Look.org Artwork for the KDE Desktop
GNOME-Look.org Artwork for the GNOME Desktop
Xfce-Look.org Artwork for the Xfce Desktop
Box-Look.org Artwork for Fluxbox, Backbox, Openbox, PekWM, Afterstep, IceQM, Sawfisch or other window managers.
Beryl-Themes.org Artwork for the Beryl 3D Windowmanager
Compiz-Themes.org Artwork for the Compiz Windowmanager
EDE-Look.org Artwork for the EDE Desktop

Linux Distributions
Debian-Art.org Artwork for Debian Linux
Gentoo-Art.org Artwork for Gentoo Linux
SUSE-Art.org Artwork for openSUSE Linux
Ubuntu-Art.org Artwork for Ubuntu
Kubuntu-Art.org Artwork for Kubuntu
LinuxMint-Art.org Artwork for LinuxMint
Arch-Stuff.org Artwork and Stuff for Arch Linux

KDE-Files.org Document Templates for KDE Applications
OpenTemplate.org Document Templates for OpenOffice.org
GIMPStuff.org Templates for GIMP
InkscapeStuff.org Inkscape Templates
ScribusStuff.org Templates for the Scribus DTP Application
BlenderStuff.org Templates, Objects and Images for Blender

Who can become a sponsor?

Every company can become a sponsor of openDesktop.org.

How can users help?

People who help the project to find and acquire new sponsors receive 30% of commission for the first month for each new sponsor as a bonus.

What differs openDesktop.org sponsoring from classical online advertising on openDesktop.org?

openDesktop.org sponsoring packages can be acquired on each single site of the openDesktop.org network! This allows you to exactly catch the right target group. You can become sponsor without contacting and commiting an advertising agency. It's all your decision.

What kind of payment options do I have?

We accept PayPal or wire transfer.

How can I become a sponsor?

Just send us a message or call us:

 h i v e 01 gmbh
 Frank Karlitschek
 Stöckachstraße 16
 70376 Stuttgart
 phone: +49 711 5188 2593
 fax: +49 711 5188 2923


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